How to Stop Losing Your Socks

Do you have a mysterious portal in the back of your washing machine that transports your socks to another dimension? Me too! And not only that, it never takes a matching set, but rather takes one sock from each pair! So I am going to help you fix this little problem. Here are a few … Continue reading How to Stop Losing Your Socks


How to Write a Grocery Shopping List

Creating a grocery shopping list is an absolute necessity when it comes to having a more organised weekly shop. As much fun as it may be to stroll down the aisles and seeing what you fancy, this can be very time-consuming. You also can end up buying things you don't need and then throwing them … Continue reading How to Write a Grocery Shopping List

Monthly Motivation: Making Mistakes

One of the biggest keys to being more organised and productive is feeling motivated. It gives you that boost to believe that you can do it! So I have decided to give you that little boost by giving you some motivation every month! From now on, keep an eye out for Monthly Motivation posts. Their purpose … Continue reading Monthly Motivation: Making Mistakes